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Greetings.  Thanks for stopping by.

If you’re here because you’re interested in my debut romance, Bird After Bird, I’d like to direct you to the Goodreads page, where you can add it to your To Read list.

I’m also taking on a limited number of ARC reviewers, mostly by invitation only.  However, if you would like to nominate yourself, I’d love to hear from you.  Please email me at Leslea.Tash@gmail.com and use the subject line “ARC Review Team.”  In your email, please tell me a little about yourself, and how you heard about the book.  I’d also appreciate links to your website/blog and to your Goodreads profile.  

Thanks for looking me up!

P.S. Readers of my old blog can still find me on Tumblr.  I’m also on Facebook & Twitter.