Long December

The first snow of the season was in November. The final–hopefully–was last week. That’s not typical for Southern Indiana, but it’s not atypical, either. Last year we dealt with being frozen up our hill for the first time. This year it wasn’t such a surprise, but the volume of snow we got sure was. Either way, it’s melting now, and we’re almost back to real life. There’s just something about having mobility put on hold by the weather that busts up the routine, you know?


photo by Leslea Tash, all rights reserved

All photos on this page by Leslea Tash, all rights reserved



photo by Leslea Tash, all rights reserved

Yes, we got another dog, too. He blew in with the weather, I reckon.

Sometime in between the autumn snow and the spring snow, we had the holidays, and that interfered with life work, as well, but in the best way.

Wait. See that? For the past few years, I have thought of work as life, without even meaning to. That’s not to say that I didn’t love my family and my home and all those entail, but…I just enjoyed writing so much and interacting with my readers, that I focused on it a lot. Maybe too much, if I can be allowed to be truly honest.

photo by Leslea Tash, all rights reserved

Thankfully, I’ve never been one of those moms who is like, “Oh, help, I’m stuck at home with my family for Christmas.” I love my kids and spending the holidays with them is always awesome. I’ve always tried to make that time special. It’s just that…last year, I was ready for the kids to go back to school so I could get back to work…and that didn’t happen. Instead, it snowed.

photo by Leslea Tash, all rights reserved

and it snowed, and it snowed…

photo by Leslea Tash, all rights reserved

That’s another pic from last Thursday. Wow, huh?

This year I found a new way to look at that snow outside. A new way to look at the holiday break. A new way to look at my family, my career, and how they fit together.

I still love writing. I still love interacting with my readers. But…I love my family more. I want my life to be more than killing time between writing sessions. I need to fully experience and savor every moment of my life, as much as possible. I can’t, as a friend put it, be “all about the books.” I’m not that girl. When I tried, it didn’t fit with my priorities. Not right now.

So, yep, I haven’t written a word on my current work in progress since January. We hit our back to school stride just long enough for me to get to 83% completion on An Honest Woman, and then the kids and the weather made another perfect storm. You know what they say, though, right? It’s not about learning to avoid the melting snow puddles, it’s about learning to dance in the rain snow storm, or something like that.

photo by Leslea Tash, all rights reserved

all photos by Leslea Tash, all rights reserved

So, like I said, we’re melting, and back to the old routine. Here’s hoping that An Honest Woman is ready for editing soon. I don’t have much more to write, and ironically, a lot of where I left off was in the snow-covered mountains, anyway, so the cold and the fire, and all that? Research!

Thanks for your patience, your interest, and your readership. I’m still writing, but more importantly, I’m living.

And I hope my readers know I wouldn’t be half the writer I aspire to be if I didn’t know where one activity ended and the other began. ❤

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