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Dear Readers,

Long time no talk! Forgive me for my absence. In my last update, I promised I was getting back to work on Montana Brides #2. I did complete a good deal of work on that book, but, alas, mothering and life stuff once again got in the way of my professional storytelling capacity. As of right now, I do not have a firm release date for that book. Funny how a year or two changes things, you know? I do hope you will forgive me for taking so long to finish. I’m still uncertain when I will find the time to edit and submit it. I refuse to publish anything less than my best. I would rather sell you a riveting story that takes a few year to write than a sloppy one that leaves you disappointed in any way. I hope you agree that quality is always the best bet.

As for life stuff, check in with me at, where my husband Tim and I have been podcasting for going on a couple of years. When I have time to blog, that’s how he and I have been blogging, of late!

With love,