Two new books, and the future migration of this site

Hey, readers. Thanks for checking in on this busy mom who still sometimes writes a book or two.

I have two new books published, over the summer. One is a birding guide with stickers, perfect for kiddos. I based it on my own zip because it was a special request for YOU KNOW WHO, my youngest. However, it’s a pretty good guide for migratory birds in the Eastern US, so maybe give it a look see on Etsy (look for TreehouseTimeVintage).


The other book went live yesterday and the paperback is in process as we speak. It should be available at all book retailers online by the weekend. It’s called Chicken Impossible, and it’s a fun chapter book about a kindergarten girl on a mission to get some baby chicks in her coop!


In other news, I will likely be discontinuing this website in the near future. The platform no longer works with my Apple laptop, and that’s a deal breaker for yours truly. Come keep in touch at, or see me on Facebook!


At the current time I have several books mostly completed, under this name as well as the Red Tash brand. Will they be published? I honestly don’t know. The state of publishing is a tricky thing right now. I’m taking up embroidery this week, as that seems to be more relaxing.

At any rate, for the foreseeable future, I’m limiting my endeavors to things I enjoy, regardless of the money they might make. That means some of my previous “hits” might not get their sequels or books 3 in 2017 or…even by 2027. I mean, I say things like that, then I turn around and publish two books in a summer, so…honestly, I don’t mean to be a pain in the ass, but it doesn’t look like my life is shaping up into that of a full-time hardcore novelist. Full-time Lesleaing appears to be my gig (mother, driver, shopper, wife, embroiderer? lol).

I know you understand, but for those who do not…sorry, not sorry. This is my one sweet and short life, and my kids, husband, doggos, and health are continuing to come first. Books are huge projects, and my life hasn’t afforded me the ease of completing any huge project lately, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF RAISING A FAMILY OF SIX.

Say it with me if you feel my pain, friends. All the pain and all the joy.

You know where to find me. ❤

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